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(45) “The Squirrel and the Silly Cat” - Torontonian fable

Author: Alfredo Milano
Toronto, 2008

Lola the squirrel, my friend,
told me once,
she had met a pretty cat
that was very silly.
The cat was so silly that he didn't know,
Toronto was the city where he lived.

The squirrel was really astute,
but she was afraid of a fierce falcon,
that liked squirrels just as food.

For that reason, Lola looked for the cat,
which -although silly- was very big.
The other animals respected the cat,
and he protected Lola.

But one morning,
the squirrel woke up in a mocking mood.
She laughed at the cat
because he didn't know
that a big owl
-with whom he usually tried to talk-
was not able to speak.

“Oh, silly cat,
the enormous owl is made of wood!
It is only good to frighten the doves,
that are a real plague,
which makes dirty
wherever place they pass”.

Then, the big silly cat got truly offended
and didn’t want to be her friend anymore.

From that day, Lola is alone.
She trembles in fear and stays at home.

She is afraid of the fierce falcon
because -if it spots Lola-
will use her as food
for its pigeons to have a banquet:
You know those are its children
and they are hungry all of the time!”.

You need your friends,
so do not make fun of them.

You better love your friends as they are,
anyway, it is not your business
if some of them are chubby or not very bright

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